X-League Game Day Preview, Wolves v Jokers, Assassins v Silverbacks

Welcome to Game Day Previews from the X-League.

Tuesday’s games see the equal first Team Wolves vs Team Jokers. The winner will take sole possession at the top of the X-League. The Assassins and The Silverbacks are battling it out to take position of third place.

Both top teams coming off wins last week against their rivals. The Jokers last week played the stingy Silverbacks (4-6-0-8), who were leading the game before blowing the lead late in the fourth period. The Jokers scored to tie the game up. A shootout had to settle the game with Michael Petterson scoring the winning goal in the third round of the shootout, a low snap shot to the left pad side, goaltender Chris Bowser couldn’t cover in time. Final score 6-5 Jokers.

The Wolves (6-4-0-10) in the second game played their rivals The Assassins. A rivalry which has been fiercely contested  between these two teams all season long. The Wolves took the early lead in the game through Dan Bowyer who had a 4 pt night (3G, 1A). The Wolves were able to set an early tone on offense taking some early shots on goaltender Mikayla Sawyers who stood her own. The Assassins would not relent and piled the shots on the Wolves goaltender Dennis Nikolayev. A late flurry from the Assassins saw them pull the score back, but it was all too little too late and the Wolves were able to fend off the Assassins. Stand out Assassins player was Nathan Struck, having a 5 pt night (4G, 1A),  The final score being 11-6.

Simon Says Team Focus:

With only two rounds left of the regular season in the X-League, it will be a fight to the end for two of the teams in particular. The Assassins are coming off a three game losing streak, the longest streak for them all season. This team knows what they need to do to turn the tables around.

I caught up with the captain of the Assassins, Alex MacKenzie before the game to discuss the teams position coming into the game and what the key factors are for this game. You can listen to the interview below.

Simon Says Stats:

The Wolves are on a three game winning streak. Prior to their win over the Assassins last week, they defeated the Jokers 4-2 and the Silverbacks 8-5. Look to see the momentum leading into tonight’s game against the Jokers.

The Silverbacks 1-2 in their last three games, including their shootout loss to the Jokers last week, will look to rebound against the Assassins. A win would push them into second place. Leading scorers Francois Martin and Nick Poranek will be relied on heavily to get some scoring done upfront.

The Assassins have two of the highest point scorers in the league, they will need to count on them to get the game rolling tonight against a stern Silverbacks team.

The Jokers are 2-1 in their last three games. They are the kings of the comeback. Twice they have played the Wolves twice they have had late surges in the fourth periods. Look to see them push the Wolves throughout the game offensively.

Games start at 8:30pm at Maximum Skate Arena, Narellan. Come watch the fray!


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2 comments on “X-League Game Day Preview, Wolves v Jokers, Assassins v Silverbacks
  1. karel says:

    Good job Simon. Love the audio.

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