Texas Longhorns Win OT Shootout Over West Virginia Mountaineers


47 – 40 F/OT



Texas (6-2) came into West Virginia (4-5) to stretch their winning to six straight. The Mountaineers did everything but make it easy for the Longhorns. The scoring lead swapped over four times throughout the game enroute to a Texas 47-40 OT victory. West Virginia started off the scoring with a safety being called against Texas, definitely not the start the Longhorns were after. A touchdown from Charles Sims on a 3 yd run took the lead to 9 pts before finally Texas held position long enough to get a field goal, Anthony Fera with a 37 yd drive. West Virginia defense holding Texas back, resulting in field goal attempts for half of the night.

In the second quarter both teams would score touchdowns and field goals to keep the crowd guessing. Texas would score first though,  Malcolm Brown with a 2 yd break into the endzone. Charles Sims for WV would receive his second touch down for the night, another 6 yd blitz.  Anthony Fera (Texas) 25 yd and Josh Lambert (WV) 30 yd field goals keeping their teams competitive.

The Longhorns would not see the lead of the game until the 3rd quarter. Yet another UT drive early on in the quarter would be stopped by the defense. The result, another UT field goal to make it 19-16 WV ahead. The stand out of the game for WV was Sims, he was everywhere on the offense and driving hard in key moments. He would go onto score his 3rd touchdown. WV taking a 26-16 lead. This is where the momentum shifted. UT would break down the defense on multiple occasions combining their running game focus with their clutch throwing game through McCoy, especially on 3rd downs to Jaxon Shipley. He seemed to be the go-to man for McCoy in key play situations. Mike Davis was the first to go in, 49 yd  pass from Case McCoy found Davis streaking through. Field goal extra point was good and the lead was brought to three. Texas were not done though, 16 secs left in the third, Case McCoy throws to Joe Bergeron and he runs for a 8 yd touchdown. Texas took their first lead of the game at the end of the 3rd.

West Virginia scored two touchdowns through Dreamius Smith and Mario Alford in the fourth to climb back to 40-37. Mario Alford’s run was for 72 yds, he just put on the jets, the crowd deafening chanting WV and the UT faithful in the crowd urging their team on, however it would be UT, who within field goal range in the last 13 seconds, Anthony Fera kicked it home from 24 yds and the game went to overtime!

WV won the toss and elected to defend first. This brought UT’s offense back on.  McCoy linked up with Alex De La Torre for the touchdown in the corner. WV needed to get a touchdown and fast. After moving into the red zone Paul Millard threw two tipped throws to his Wide Receivers before his third throw was intercepted by  Linebacker Steve Edmond to win the game in OT for the Longhorns. The entire Longhorns team then proceeded to chase Redmond down the field in celebration.

Simon Says Player Stat Pack:

C. McCoy (UT) – After struggling in the first half of the game, Case found his stride in the 3rd and fourth quarters to help drive his team to a win. 27/49 completions, 283 passing yds, 3 TD, 1 int.

Paul Millard (WV) – Had a good game throughout but just struggled in OT. 16/32, 259 yds passing, 1 TD, 2 int.

M.brown (UT) – 28 carries, 89 yds, 1 TD

C.Sims (WV) – 24 carrier, 93 yds, 3 TD

M.Davis (UT) – 3 Receptions, 91 yds, 1 TD

J. Shipley (UT) – 7 Receptions, 82 yds, 1 TD

M.Alford (WV) – 4 Receptions, 97 yds, 1 TD

K.White (WV) – 5 Receptions, 89 yds.

Simon Says Team Stats:

Total yards: UT – 435, WV – 399

Passing: UT – 283, WV – 290

Rushing: UT – 152, WV – 109

Turnovers: UT – 2, WV – 5

Total Plays: UT – 90, WV – 83

Simon Says Standings:

Texas goes 6 straight wins and 7-2 overall and looks set to challenge for the BIG 12 championship. Next up Oklahoma State (8-1)

West Virginia falls to 4-6 overall and 2-5 versus conference teams. Next up Kansas (2-7)


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