Canberra Brave Making Exciting Moves

The Australian Ice-Hockey League (AIHL) 2014 season is about to kick into gear and bring us a whole bunch of fresh surprises and upset’s along the way. However, before it begins, one team is making big noise with its moves across social media outlets. That team is the Canberra Brave.

One of these ‘moves’ is their attention to Twitter and Facebook – the two juggernauts – using social media for the masses has been instrumental to the Brave. Canberra have established their return to fame in such a way that it has won over the heart of the Hockey community in Australia and abroad. This video below exemplifies their purpose and focus for the 2014 campaign. Are you ready to watch the ‘Brave’ and be pumped local fans? And rival fans, are you quietly adopting a second team?

They haven’t stopped there with the hype. Just tonight the Canberra Brave have announced their import goalie, Petri Pitkänen. The 22 yr-old Finnish goaltender plays for KeuPa HT in Suomi-Sarja (division 3) of the Finnish League. They won the championship this year and will be promoted to Mestis (division 2) next season. Here are his stats courtesy of Elite Prospects

2006-07 JYP U16 Jr. C SM-sarja Q 7 4.81 .876 |         
JYP U16 Jr. C SM-sarja 11 6.86 .880 |         
 2007-08 JYP U18 Jr. B SM-sarja 11 3.13 .906 |         
 2008-09 JYP U18 Jr. B I-divisioona 14 1.78 .939 |         
 2009-10 KeuPa HT II-divisioona 14 3.00 .924 |         
 2010-11 KeuPa HT II-divisioona 3 2.67 .890 | Qualification 3 5.21 .838 
 2011-12 KeuPa HT Suomi-sarja 34 3.06 .918 | Qualification 6 6.68 .800 
 2012-13 KeuPa HT Suomi-sarja 27 2.80 .923 | Qualification 4 3.02 .914 
 2013-14 Hydraulic Oilers Suomi-sarja 7 .868 |         
LeKi Mestis 0 |         
KeuPa HT Suomi-sarja 11 .923 | Playoffs 8 .921 


As you can see, he has been growing in confidence and his stats have been improving over the years. Remembering this kid is only 22 yrs of age. He will be fresh from the excitement of a championship win and hope he can bring the same to the Brave.


Petri Pitkänen doing his thing in net for KeuPa HT (attributed to Teemu Eirtovaara for the picture).

Petri Pitkänen doing his thing in net for KeuPa HT (attributed to Teemu Eirtovaara for the picture).


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